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8'x4' Pick-Up Truck load
One Truck Load.......$85.00
Two Truck Loads....$165.00
16'x5'High Trailer Load
Half Trailer Load....$250.00
Full Trailer Load.....$475.00
*Extra for Concrete, Tile, Roofing Shingles, Rebar, and Other Heavy Items
We have experience in emptying abandoned homes and retrieving large debri from vacant lots & fields. We also haul yard debri, construction cleanups, and other debri you can think of.

If your situation seems unique then call for a free quote (916) 688-3703.

Are you getting ready for the holidays, visitors, or just wanting to get rid of the junk or debri to make a change in your life? If you are, we are the ones to call we do Hauling/Junk Removal and if the debri isn't all in one area, we can retrieve it for you. Once we are at the designated work site, you can expect a prompt completion to your cleaning project. We have an 8x4' truck and/or a 16' long 5' high trailor, ready to haul away your unwanted junk away.  See Below for our prices and some of our hauling services. If your situation is unique then call for a free quote.



Furniture Removal
appliance removal
Brush Removal
Foreclosure Clean outs
Office Clean outs
Office Liquidation
Paper/ Private file Destruction
Trash Pickups
Property Clean up
Garage Clean up
Weekly Junk Pick up
Shed Removal
Spa/ Hot Tub Removal
E-waste Recycling
Hauling Construction Debris
Property Management
Weekly Dumpster Area Clean up
Commercial and Residential Hauling
And More...

Call us for a FREE ESTIMATE (916) 688-3703

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